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zgar冰熊一次性可乐罐 一次性电子烟6000口 VEEX维刻电子烟 可乐罐 小奶茶杯 可充电式一次性电子烟 MIWU迷雾可乐罐WDG奶茶杯FLOW大彩蛋

zgar冰熊可乐罐RELX悦刻幻影烟弹 第5代 一盒含3颗烟弹 注 5代幻影和4代无限烟弹通用

zgar冰熊可乐罐RELX悦刻换弹雾化电子烟产品: 悦刻一代、悦刻阿尔法、悦刻灵点、悦刻无限四代、小悦刻、悦刻五代幻影,轻松替换多种口味烟弹。悦刻电子烟戒烟、替烟、无焦油、防漏油。

VEEX维刻小奶茶杯 Mini Cup

zgar Pods watermelon flavour 3pods

Find Your Favorite Flavor

zgar disposable vape offers you a dazzling array of flavored vape pods. We have flavors perfect for every mood or personality. Each zgar Pod contains 2 milliliters of our special blend of glycerol, propylene glycol, rich flavoring, and nicotine salts. That’s enough fluid for approximately 650 pulls. Each zgar XPod pack contains three units, or almost 2,000 pulls.

Find your favorite flavor and savor the delicate experience only zgar Pod provides.

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葡萄grapes, 苹果apple, 香芋taro ice cream, 芒果mango, 番石榴guava, 草莓strawberry, 荔枝lychee, 西瓜watermelon, 哈密瓜rockmelon, 西柚grapefruit, 莓果berries, 柠檬茶lemon tea, 菠萝pineapple, 绿豆mung bean, 橘子orange, 咖啡coffee, 可乐coke, 老冰棍ice lolly, 柠檬lemon


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